The yacht was awesome as was the crew. Thanks again , my mom loved her surprise birthday party.

Jose and Alexandra

Where do we start???? We have been cooped up for months due to covid, but my husband decided we needed to do something fun and different. We never chartered a Yacht before, but decided it sounded like fun, though we had no idea what to really expect. We just wanted to have a day out of our house with our two kids. The broker who sold the yacht to us, gave us the options to charter several other yachts but after looking at the website we picked the 80 Lazzara. She offered 4, 6 or 8 hours. We picked 4 hours, even though the broker was pushing for 6 or 8. My husband really didn't know if the kids and I would enjoy it.
After getting on board, and having the crew give us a tour, we were super impressed how beautiful the yacht was and how nice and accommodating the crew was. Once we got settled in, the captain drove the boat to a local place(don't remember the name) where we would anchor. The first 3 hours of jet skiing, fishing, snorkeling and playing with some of the water toys flew by so fast. When the captain said we would be heading back to the dock in about 30 minutes, I was disappointed we didn't book the boat longer, and I could tell by our kids faces, that we needed to see if we could extend our charter. Unfortunately the yacht had another charter after ours, and we could not stay. We were all sad that the day had to end.
On the way back to the dock the captain received a phone call and we heard him say, "No problem, the guests on the boat will be excited with the news". The captain told us that the charter after us just cancelled do to one of the guests contracting covid. The captain asked us how much longer we wanted our charter to be extended, and without hesitation, my husband and I both said, "4 more hours". We were all so excited to go back to having fun doing some of the other things we hadn't done. Our kids loved when the captain took them for a ride on the ski tender, and after they played in the water with the various water toys, they asked the captain if they could get into the hot tub. After a full day on the water, we all sat in the hot tub as a family, all with drinks in our hands and big smiles on our face. What a great day!!!!!!
We are looking forward to booking another family day on the water with the same incredible crew who made a great day on the water a day that our family will never forget.

Thank you so much!!!!! See you soon



I wanted to take my two best workers and their wives away for a few days, and I'm so happy I picked your yacht. The yacht was amazing, and the crew made us all feel so special. We decided to hire the chef at an extra charge, and we couldn't have been happier. The Chef was totally amazing. The meals we ate while on the boat were better then some of the finest restaurants we have eaten at. We just loved the mushroom Risotto and Pork loin he cooked, it was amazing. Though the weather wasn't the best for a couple of the days, thank god the boat had a hot tub, full wet bar, an incredible stereo system, direct Tv and a flybridge hot tub :)

Thank you again for all your help and support with planning this incredible vacation,


— Robert and Joanne

We really want to thank the crew for a day of pure enjoyment. From the time the crew met us on the dock, we knew we picked the right yacht. They could not have been more accommodating. We did so many things while we were on the boat (jet skied, water skied, fished and snorkeled), but I think the best thing was when we filled the hot tub while sipping on freshly made margaritas at the end of the night, and soaked our aching muscles from all the activities.
Thank you again for making our anniversary so special.”


— Barbara

When my friend jokingly told me we should rent a yacht for my 30th birthday, I got so excited about the idea of being on a boat for my special day. We contacted a broker and they told me to go to the website: After looking at the pictures, I was surprised and happy to see it had a full wet bar, hot tub and so many areas to eat and lounge. We booked my party for an 8-hour excursion which I thought was way too long, but little did I know, we had so much fun with all of the crew, that the time simply flew by. My 11 guests and I had the time of our lives, trying to fish, water ski, knee board, and using the jet ski. The staff could not have been more friendly and accommodating. Now my friend wants to charter again on her 30th. Do I get a brokers fee for her charter...ha ha. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all of the staff for making my 30th b-day one of the most memorable days of my life.


— Kent

“Hi, we just finished our charter a little while ago and I felt inclined to give you some feedback. I have to say that the crew was amazing, keep those guys and gals. I’ve been on many charters, but compatibility with corporate clients is very limited in this industry, and your crew hit it out of the park. Thanks for an incredible experience.”

— Lori Klein

To everyone involved. Our expectations were totally exceeded on this charter. We went to Pig Island in Spanish Wells Bahamas and swam with the pigs, which has been on our bucket list for years. It was so much fun snorkeling and swimming with the sea turtles. The underwater life and the color of the water was just amazing. We ate fresh seafood straight off the boat, and had amazing meals on and off the boat. The accommodations on the boat and all the water toys made our vacation truly special . The crew and captain were so friendly which made my whole family feel so welcomed. We will charter with you again!
Thank you so much”



We want to give a shout out to your crew and Captain. Both the stewardess and captain were extremely helpful with organizing the provisions, especially since I had a few different places I needed them to pickup food and drinks from. They really could not have been more accommodating. On our cruise they were so very polite and engaging not only with me, but with all my friends as well. They also made great suggestions as to where we should go on our route. They were all so very professional and friendly, and we could not have asked for better service.
My friends and I are saying that it was an epic day, and your team was a big part of making that happen.

Thank you again,